Welcome to the homepage of [FYI] Field Your Intellect!

We are an English speaking, international guild who started on the Blacktide Server. We're currently expanding into Desolation and have the mechanics in place to support a dual server guild. We are a group of helpful and sociable players but we are always searching for more! We have players of all experiences, new and old, all races and professions.

On Blacktide we have fully advanced the guild upgrads tree and are beginning to unlock the Desolation upgrade tree. View our current progress below.

This website is as a helping hand to all players. Feel free to ask questions in the forums to find out more about the game and keep checking for updated information on game events and guild events. Any advice you can provide for players is also welcome.

We actively encourage all members to Bookmark this page and sign up on the forum for all the latest news.

Not currently a member of FYI? Just mail "The Sherrif" in game for an invite to the guild, we look forward to having you aboard!


Guild Tech Tree Percentage Unlocks Will Be Shown Down Here - Coming Soon - Keep Watching